What We Do

PC Expert Solutions offers computer support and network services to small businesses in Central and Southwest Florida. We make the process easy by providing solutions for your office devices at a cost-effective rate. PC Expert Solutions knows how important it is to have your office technology running efficiently. Our goal is to resolve any issue that may be affecting your computers, network and equipment to ensure your business is operating and your data is secured. We offer ongoing support to keep your office operations running seamlessly. Knowing things are running smoothly will give you peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and custom solutions at itsupport@pcexpertsolutions.com.


Our Services

IT Support Services

Imagine a morning in the office starting like any other, except this morning – your network doesn’t seem to be connected or maybe your desktop has frozen immediately prior to saving a document, or worse, it blue screens mid-sentence. A number of pricey options are available for assistance, but the turn-around time could lead to an entire work day lost. Imagine now, that you have IT support available to assess your network connectivity and resolve the issue to get you back to work with minimal downtime. Crisis averted. This is our primary function – PCES serves as your personalized, outsourced IT department. Our team focuses on day-to-day operations, ensuring devices are regularly updated and backed up, reducing the risk of data loss and keeping network connectivity secure. We optimize your business environment by providing the following services (but not limited to):

· Cyber Security
· Virus Protection and Removal
· Desktop Diagnostics and System Repairs
· Network Optimization and Management
· Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Issues
· Operating System Installs and Re-imaging
· New Office Set-up (Including Office Equipment Installation)
· Local Data Back-up and Management (Private Cloud)

Web Design

In the business world, a website is a first impression and many times, a first chance to acquire a client or consumer’s interest. Content is just as important as the design of the website. PCES delivers quality content and a variety of web development services including:

· Search Engine Optimization Services
· Copywriting and Editing Services
· Complete Website Building