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Western Digital Personal Cloud solutions

What is the “Cloud”?

Many computers/servers housed in massive warehouses all over the world networked to store and process information that you access through a web browser. As far as we can tell the very first Gmail account that was set up, was in the cloud. (Something old renamed to sell as something new).

Now in the modern office, people are using remote back up/storage drives like drop box, google drive and so many others on the market. They offer 2 to 5 GIG of free space to store documents, pictures and music but once full a fee is applied. As your data grows so does the fee. Now most people have no problem paying the monthly fee, however it has become a concern where that data is stored. You’re essentially giving up control of your data. Is it stored on a local or distant servers? Are there other copies spread throughout the world? Even if you erase a file, you’ll never know if it’s truly gone.

There are, alternatives for individuals and businesses that combine the security of personal storage with the convenience of the Private Cloud. Called (NAS), network attached storage. This method combines the best of both worlds by storing files on a local network drive and allowing you to retain full control over your data, while accessing it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Western Digital offers My Cloud™ NAS solutions that are ideal for home and small business use, available with one, two, or four hard drives dedicated to storage ranging in capacity from 4TB to 32TB.

As Western Digital Partners we sell and support the full line of Western digital products. We are not an online retailer but we do sell the Western Digital Blue Solid State drives when refurbishing laptops for a client, The Purple western digital drive to our clients upgrading their surveillance video recorder. The Red western digital drives for the private cloud NAS setup.

Why do customers come to us instead of buying their equipment from an online retailer? Because, as a solution provider, we offer the added value of expertise, implementation services, and support that help our customers do much more than they could on their own.

Please Contact Us to set up your Private Cloud server on your premises.

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