IT Support Services

PC Expert Solutions specializes in providing customized IT service and support to small businesses from accounting firms, financial institutions, real estate agencies to non-profit organizations, and other businesses alike.

Desktop Computer Solutions

Imagine a morning in the office starting like any other, except this morning – your network doesn’t seem to be connected or maybe your desktop has frozen immediately prior to saving a document, or worse, it blue screens mid-sentence. A number of pricey options are available for assistance, but the turn-around time could lead to an entire work day lost. Imagine now, that you have IT support available to assess your network connectivity and resolve the issue to get you back to work with minimal downtime. Crisis averted. This is our primary function.

Project Management

Deployment projects involve extensive coordination and planning. PC Expert Solutions will work closely with your IT Department following best industry protocols to accomplish your project needs. Our expert technicians can execute the installations, and can even coordinate the removal of old computer equipment. Our deployment experience has been implemented in major banks, training centers, educational institutions, insurance companies and other organizations.

Video Conferencing


With the growing cost of business traveling and remote offices locations rising, the ability to have face-to-face meetings has become both essential and costly. With video conferencing implementation, business meetings have never been so convenient. One cloud system that hosts a multitude of users in easy-to-access directories allows virtual calls to take place at any moment. With screen-sharing features, recording abilities and user-friendly interfaces, LifeSize Video Conferencing Systems have become a new and convenient addition to office technologies. PC Expert Solutions is an authorized reseller for the LifeSize Conferencing Systems, as well as the service provider who supports delivery to all locations, full installations at each site and even provide basic training for your end-users.

PC Expert Solutions is the all-inclusive technology provider for your video conferencing needs serving as the main point-of-contact for installations, cloud user set-ups and troubleshooting resolutions. We want to provide your business all the tools available to be able to successfully incorporate video and audio conferencing technologies into your infrastructure. Click here to learn more.

IT Support Services


With technology changing and advancing every day, having an on-staff technology expert has become essential to daily business operations. Internet is down? A computer freezes? For a small business that may not have an IT department, PCES is a simple and cost-effective solution! We adjust to various organization’s needs to become their outsourced IT department. Whether we become your full service department or simply work to train your current staff, we customize specific business solutions for your company. Our services include, not are not limited to:

  • Business Technology Assessment
  • Computer System Evaluations
  • System Refresh and Upgrade Services
  • Network Assessment and Set-up
  • Data Back-Up and Transfers
  • Technology Training and Education
  • Secure Data Management

Business Pricing


Every business, small or large, has its own specific technology needs and the PC Expert Solutions team takes personal care and concern in addressing those needs. We understand PC Expert Solutions may be an immediate resolution to an upgrade or transitional project, as well as the potential outsourced IT department for future technology needs. For this reason, pricing varies based on the project size, service and end-results desired.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives to acquire more information about our business pricing. We are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours by phone at (407) 494-7000 and e-mail at: