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Security is the key factor in any work environment.

For people working remotely, security risks are substantially higher because they are working outside of a protected business network environment. Usually, connected devices in a home environment have little to no security protocols, which can give cybercriminals easy access to the network and data.

Unsecured networks and networks that home-based workers are sharing with family, friends and guests open up pathways for online attacks. A sharp rise in phishing attacks have been linked to using work-from-home protocols that are not secure for a business. These phishing attacks can lead individuals to reveal personal information such as passwords and credit cards numbers and also expose their data.

Most remote workers are not security or computer experts so they lack of understanding of best practices when it comes to information security and this can be a liability for both the home office worker and the company they work for.

PC Expert Solutions offers secure home office setups to provide a secure business class network in your home that is separate from your unsecure home Wi-Fi environment. A business network setup offers more protection from cyber criminals because the network device is designed to be configured with more security protocols to minimize or evade attacks. We manage home office setup deployments following best IT industry protocols that will get your hardware and software up and running properly. We will execute the installation, configuration, running, testing and most importantly secure your network and computer systems.

PC Expert Solutions has been setting up secure remote offices for various companies for over ten years. Our experience in information technology and support allows us to consistently find innovative ways to meet our customers’ business technology needs on demand to prevent work interruptions.


PC Expert Solutions Home Office Setup Services Benefits:

  • Customize Business-Class Network & Computer Setup, Security & Support
  • Follow IT Industry Best Practices & Solutions
  • Convenient and Effective Remote Technical Support

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