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Some companies require that employees have access to specific technologies like Microsoft Office Outlook, Excel, Word and other Office software; Internet service speeds or bandwidth (Mbps) for remote work; a computer system with an adequate processor, memory, video card, monitor(s) full size keyboard and a webcam to be able to perform the work load from home. As well as, a dedicated area in your home for this to be setup.

Some companies provide the hardware for the remote workforce and will provide specific guide lines on how the equipment is to be used.

Other companies will expect you to provide your own hardware like the BYOD- bring your own device policy. This allows employees to use familiar technology that will increase productivity. The employees will have access to the company’s data apps and file sharing. This is a savings to the companies, since they do not have to purchase or maintain any equipment.

In either scenario, “security is the key component.” The growing trend of remote workers is also leading to a growing trend in risks and breaches due to people working on unsecured networks or networks that employees are sharing with family, friends and guests.

Most remote workers are not security or computer experts so they lack of understanding of best practices when it comes to information security and this can be an issue for both the home office worker and the company.

PC Expert Solutions manages home office setup deployments following best IT industry protocols that will get your hardware and software up and running properly. We will execute the installation, configuration, running, testing and most importantly secure your network and computer systems.

To inquire further or to set up an evaluation for your home office technology, contact us at ITsupport@pcexpertsolutions.com.


PC Expert Solutions Home Office Setup Services Benefits:

  • Detailed project planning and design
  • Follow IT Industry best practices & Solutions
  • We work after hours and weekends
  • CompTIA  and Dell certified IT professionals
  • Clear and effective results

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